Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge Direct Purchaser Settlement


Plaintiffs claim that, from 2003 through 2008, the Defendant companies unlawfully assessed a rail freight surcharge applied as a percentage of the base rate for freight transport services purchased in the United States. The fuel surcharge was either stand-alone, or included in the base rate of the freight service. Plaintiffs claim that any person or entity that purchased Rail Freight directly from any Defendant company during the Class Period paid a higher price than they otherwise would have paid in a competitive market.

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Individuals and entities who, between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2008 (the "Class Period"), purchased rate-unregulated Rail Freight Transport Services in the United States directly from any of the Defendant companies.


  • BNSF Railway Company
  • CSX Transportation Inc.
  • Norfolk Southern Railway Company
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company



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