How do I know if my company is eligible for a refund?

Each case has its own criteria for membership in the settlement class. If you are not certain, please ask us. Our settlement recovery specialists are happy to assist you. In many cases, we can best determine your eligibility by filing the claim. Since we handle hundreds of claims at any given time, we can follow up with the Claims Administrator about any issue involving your claim.

How much of a refund will my company received?

The size of your company's refund depends on two factors. First, is the dollar amount of your purchases during the settlement period. Second, is the number of other companies putting in claims for your particular settlement. We cannot predict the size of a refund, but we have seen varying percentages of a company's expenditures get approved by the Claims Administrator.

How long will this process take?

Class action administration can be a lengthy process. The time between filing a claim and receiving your refund can be many months or a few years. Since the process can be long and most companies do not have the time, inclination or resources to track and audit the claims process, they use SRG. We have the staff, technology and systems in place to monitor your claim and make appropriate recommendations as needed.

Will filing a claim hurt our relations with the defendants?

No, your claim is confidential. Your company is listed by a number, not by your name. SRG will file for you, and we will be the point of contact with the Claims Administrator. It is important to remember that the defendant companies paid money into the settlement fund to avoid lawsuits and other problems. Once they paid into the fund, they do not know or care who gets the settlement money.

What if my claim is rejected?

There is no penalty if your claim is denied. The Claims Administrator simply will not pay your company. We work with the Claims Administrator to anticipate any questions or objections. If your claim is improperly rejected, SRG will contest any wrongfully denied claim. If your claim is ruled ineligible, there is no penalty to your company. So there is no downside to filing a claim with SRG.

What if we don't have the time or resources to compile years of spending activity?

We do not need physical copies of your records or invoices. Credible estimates will suffice. However, the more specific the information, the better chance for success. Remember, this is an opportunity to participate in the class action settlement, so if the Claims Administrator rejects your claim, there is no penalty. Many claims, especially the smaller claims, will be approved based on spending estimates. However, the Claims Administrator has the right to audit any claim or ask for more information, including documentation. Should that occur, we will contact you. You can decide at any point whether to provide more information, or to provide information at all. This is an opportunity, not an obligation.


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