Automotive Parts Wire Harness Products Direct Purchasers Settlement

July 22, 2024
2:12-md-02311 US District Court Eastern Michigan Southern Division


Beginning in 2011, class action lawsuits were filed against Defendants by Plaintiffs, who are direct purchasers of Wire Harness Products in the United States. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants conspired to suppress and eliminate competition for Wire Harness Products by agreeing to rig bids and fix prices of Wire Harness Products in violation of federal antitrust laws. Therefore, direct purchasers of Wire Harness Products in the United States overpaid for those products. The Settling Defendants deny the allegations, but agreed to settle to avoid further litigation. The Court has not ruled on the Plaintiffs’ claims or Defendants’ defenses. This is a settlement with the Settling Defendants only. Plaintiffs are still pursuing the case against the non-settling Defendants.


Anyone that purchased Wire Harness Products in the United States directly from any defendant company between January 1, 2000 and December 13, 2016 may be eligible. “Wire Harnesses” are considered electrical distribution systems used to direct and control electronic components, wiring, and circuit boards in motor vehicles. “Wire Harness Products” means wire harnesses and related products: automotive electrical wiring, lead wire assemblies, cable bond, automotive wiring connectors, automotive wiring terminals, high voltage wiring, electronic control units, fuse boxes, relay boxes, junction blocks, power distributors, and speed sensor wire assemblies used in motor vehicles.


  • Chiyoda Manufacturing Corporation
  • Denso Corporation
  • Denso International America, Inc.
  • Fujikura Ltd.
  • Fujikura Automotive America LLC
  • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
  • American Furukawa, Inc.
  • Furukawa Wiring Systems America, Inc. f/k/a Furukawa Lear Corp. and Lear Furukawa Corp.
  • G.S. Electech, Inc.
  • G.S. Wiring Systems Inc.
  • G.S.W. Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Lear Corporation
  • LEONI Wiring Systems, Inc.
  • Leonische Holding Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Electric US Holdings, Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.
  • K&S Wiring Systems, Inc.
  • Sumitomo Wiring Systems (U.S.A.), Inc.
  • Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.
  • TRAM, Inc.
  • Yazaki Corporation;
  • Yazaki North America, Inc.
Total Settlements:
​Lear Corporation ​$4,750,000
​G.S. Electech ​$3,100,000
​Tokai Rika ​$800,000
​Chiyoda ​$1,150,000
​Fujikura ​$9,500,000
​LEONI ​$1,000,000
​Sumitomo ​$25,421,000
​Yazaki ​$212,080,000

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