LIBOR-Based Financial Instruments Settlement

July 22, 2024
1:11-md-02262 US District Court, Southern District of New York


Plaintiffs allege that prominent financial institutions manipulated the London InterBank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, which is the primary benchmark for determining short term interest rates for financial instruments worldwide. The Defendant banks, members of the U.S. Dollar LIBOR panel during the Class Period (August 2007 through May 2010), were motivated to suppress LIBOR for two reasons. First, since the interest rate a bank pays on its debt is perceived as a sign of the bank’s risk, the Defendants understated their borrowing costs (suppressing LIBOR) to appear more financially secure. Second, artificially suppressing LIBOR allowed Defendants to pay lower interest rates on LIBOR-based financial instruments that Defendants sold to investors, including the Baltimore Plaintiffs, during the Class Period.


For OTC Claimants: All persons or entities, other than Defendants and their employees, affiliates, parents, and subsidiaries, that purchased in the United States, directly from a Defendant, a U.S. Dollar LIBOR-Based Instrument and that owned the U.S. Dollar LIBOR-Based Instrument any time during the period August 2007 through May 2010.


  • Credit Suisse Group AG
  • Credit Suisse International
  • Credit Suisse (USA) Inc.
  • Bank of America Corporation
  • Bank of America, N.A.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
  • HSBC Holdings PLC
  • HSBC Bank PLC
  • Barclays Bank plc
  • Lloyds Banking Group PLC
  • WestLB AG
  • Westdeutsche Immobilienbank AG
  • UBS AG
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC
  • Citizens Bank of Massachusetts a/k/a RBS Citizens Bank N.A.Deutsche Bank AG
  • Citibank NA; Citigroup Inc.
  • Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen Boerenleenbank B.A.
  • The Norinchukin Bank
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
  • Société Générale S.A.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • And any other Person or Persons who are named as defendants in the OTC Action
Partial Settlements
​Citigroup ​$130,000,000
​Barclays Bank Earlier Settlement ​$120,000,000

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